Image credit: Igor Sterzhantov


How to send emails and text messages to Svalen


  1. Free SMS text messages (up to 160 characters) can be sent to our Iridium phone number +881651405508 from

This is the most popular – and zero cost – way to send SMS messages.

  1. Alternatively, people can text from their mobile phone at their international text rate directly to our Iridium phone number is +881623402185. Please check that your mobile provider does allow International text messages to be delivered if you use this route.


Sending emails to us

Emails can be sent to us at no additional cost by two methods

  1. By SSB radio and sailmail
    1. For mails without attachments, use my email at
  2. Emails can also be sent to my email or the ¨guest¨ email

on iridium which can also handle small attachments (NOT large, please!)

  1. Mine is:
  2. The guests are at:

In addition to the above, you an always contact me on

Voice calls

Only in emergencies

       Send us a text and we can switch on the satellite phone (but this will cost you, or us, a lot!)


In other cases

Send us a text, and when we are ready try to call us on the SSB radio by asking your telephone operator to connect to us by marine radio at MMSI number 232009732. If they ask for a Call Sign, it is MBLN3.

You can also follow our track as we sail at the following link. This track is kept for 6 months.

There is a contact form below but if you need a faster response (or if you are interested in sponsorship) please use one of the methods above