The Crew

Confirmed crew members: more will be added as they confirm.

Skipper: John M Bryden

John and Karen

Karen Refsgaard (co-owner of Svalen)


Dr Patience Musasa, a friend and a researcher at the Nordic-Africa institute in Upsalla

Patience and John

Lisbeth Resfgaard

Lasse and Birthe Ebrup from Nibe, Denmark

Lasse and Birthe 140518

Thomas KT

Hege HT

Selma T

Sigrid T

Theakari T

Tanera Astley

Robin Astley

Veyatie and Pollaidh Astley (skipper’s granddaughters/cabin girls)

Stuart Black

Cathel Hutcheson

David and Gill Hilton

Viviana Coleho


Keith Hart

Susan Sechler

Lloyd Timberlake

Charlote Wilkinson

Svarte Svartling