Fundraising and sponsorship

Main image credit: Igor Sterzhantov


Anidan  NGO, Lamu, Kenya. We are supporting this wonderful project, which is giving essential help and education to over 260 underprivileged children and medical and financial support to their local community, via the Rotary Club of Stockholm International.


One of the first good causes we will raise funds for during the voyage is the NGO Anidan, and specifically their project in the poor rural district of Lamu in NE Kenya.

Founded in 2002 by Rafael Selas, together with his family and friends, Anidan aims  to provide for the basic needs of orphans, abandoned children, and those from dysfunctional families in the district.

Anidan has a special focus on providing children – currently over 260 of them – with good education and health care, and thereby a chance of a better future. The children can study from Nursery School onwards and some go on to vocational courses and University.   50% of these young people are accommodated at the centre.

The Anidan project also includes a pediatric Hospital which has attended more than 70,000 children offering a vital resource in the area ; aditionally it provides support for families in desperate need, and microcredit schemes for entrepreneurial women with no resources.

Lamu is a deprived community, where life expectancy is 7 years lower for men, and 9 years lower for women than the average for Kenya. Kenya itself has a Human development Index of only .519, which puts it 145th in the group of 193 UN Member Countries.

Anidan´s work in Lamu is supported by the Rotary Club of Stockholm International, and we will be adding to that support directly.

For more information about Anidan´s work in Lamu,  go to

To donate, visit our justgiving page at quoting ‘Anidan’ when you make your pledge.

We are also working to fund suitable projects to support fishing communities in Asia suffering from the excess of plastic waste and particles ending up in the sea, as well as one to support orphans and disadvantaged young girls from the slums of Brazil to learn to sail and take part in competitions, and will announce what these projects are soon .