At anchor, North Harbour, Härsö

Harsto, Sweden 10 May

It is a fantastic eve at Härsö in the Southern Stockholm archipelago. Spring time with birds singing and peacefull and calm! Of course the departure got delayed due to a non-working bilge pump, but thanks to Jan’s skills and creativity it all got solved. Meanwhile friends came around to say farewell, with Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Thai, Zambian etc origin! Leif blew the horn and we  – Patience, John and Karen – finally departed! Shetland, Skive, Lisboa, Brazil here we come! Day ended with Danish hakkebøf and Patience’s wine and peccorino cheese!

Patience and John

New helmswoman Patience, and skipper John

Farewells from Jan, Peter, Art, Tania, Tanja, and Tobbe.

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