Ar Risö

Sunday 13 May 2018

Ar Risö, in the 6m pool behind Högholmen, at N58deg24min and E16deg 54min

After a wonderful night in that lovely anchorage in Hummelviks, Ringson, we set off at  0830 to get to the town of Oxelösund, near to Nordköping before midday. Lasse and Birthe Ebdrup from Nibe in Jutland, Denmark, were joining the crew for the sail to Denmark, and Karen, who had to leave to go to the Nordic Ruralities Conference in Jutland starting tomorrow, was driving their car back – a very convenient arrangement for all. Alas, it also meant that I lost Karen as crew.

We did arrive in Ozleösubd on time, and Lasse and Birthe duly arrived a few minutes later, having followed our progress on

As usual, B & L brought tons of food and wine with them to sustain us during the voyage. Including cakes from the christening of their latest grandchild (in Frederikstad, Jutland), a lasagne, salads,  meat, rye bread, and so on.

The sun was up all day, with blue skies again. We are getting spoilt with this good weather.

Tonight at anchor in another lovely anchoring spot, but further south, we were again listening to a whole range of birds, including the cuckoo and woodpecker. An added sound was the mooing of cows grazing ion the forest. There was one more sailing boat moored in the bay – a Swede, moored to  belay pin hammered into the rock ashore, the Swedish way. Here we enjoyed yet another dinner al fresco on the deck – the lasagne with salads and red wine.  We were all very hungry, for some reason!

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