A note on Shetlands Larssen

While in Bergen we were moored at Shetland Larssen´s pier. There is a plaque in his memory, and a statue of him at the end of the pier. Both are photographed below.

Who was Shetlands Larssen? He was one of the big heroes of the so-called Shetland Bus during World War II, sailing his boat between Shetland and Norway with supplies for the resistance, escapees, etc etc. His real name was Leif Andreas Larsen DSO, DSC, CGM, DSM and Bar (B. 9 January 1906; D. 12 October 1990). He was a Norwegian sailor and the most highly decorated allied naval officer of World War II. Arguably the most famous of the men who operated the Shetland bus escape route during the war. He also skippered the fishing boat that attempted to sink the Battleship Tirpitz when it was based in Norway.

Behind the statue is the Rosenkrantz tower, a stone building standing since the 12th Century, and at one time the residence of King Magnusson, who died in 1299, The work on the building was completed by Scottish masons and stonecutters in the 1560s, and the finished building has similarities with Scottish fortified towers from the same period. It is currently covered for some external repairs.

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