Bergen to Shetland

Currently crossing the Norwegian Sea,  tacking across to Shetland, ETA  Tuesday!

Selma Toft at the wheel

Selma at the wheel

The crew for Shetland in Bergen – The Hege Toft family and Skipper John Bryden

Crew, Bergen


Skipper working on the blog 24 June


Skipper working on the blog


4 thoughts on “Bergen to Shetland

  1. Dear Skipper and crewet. I hoped to catch you in Bergen, but I missed it with approx a week. I wish you a safe crossing to Shetland and further after that. I appreciate very much the blog and reports. All the best and enjoy. Knut

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  2. Dear John,

    Good to know that you are back home – more or less. And that the leg, so far trailing the vikings, went well.

    Love Hanne and Peter


    1. Thank you Peter and Hanne, We had a good, if slow, crossing to the Shetland Islands from Bergen, arriving on Tuesday afternoon. Nice to see old friends here before heading south to Fair Isle and thew Orkneys, where my oldest daughter and family will be based for a while.
      Love to you both,


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