Grut Ness

Today, 1st of July, is our last day in Shetland. We are currently in Grut Ness, Sumburgh. Yesterday we went to Jarlshof where you can see remains of settlements from 2500 BC up to the 17th century AD. It was very interesting to see that this place, so isolated and exposed had been chosen as a home for over 4000 years. We learnt that they all chose this exact spot because of the long beach and good fishing. So far we have seen many animals such as, whales, seals, rabbits, Shetland ponies and lots of birds, but today was the first time we saw puffins up close. We walked from the pier to the lighthouse called Sumburgh head, where there was a museum. The lighthouse is on top of a massive cliff filled with many different kinds of birds, although the puffins were the most exciting ones. After we had been to the museum we had scones and coffee. Thea Kari twisted her ankle on the way back and got a ride from some kind locals. Right now the pans are sizzling and the smell of lamb chops fills the boat, it’s dinner time.      Sigrid (Svalen crew).

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