Skippers blog – heading for Fernando de Noronha – first days

image1 (3)

Slightly blurry pic of crew, leaving Mindelo, Cabo Verde

We have left Mindelo and Cabo Verde, and are heading just west of South towards our next hoped-for destination, Fernando de Noronha, part of the State of Pernambuco in Brazil. This Island is about 300 miles off the nearest point on the Brazilian coast. However, it is a convenient stop for us en route to Bahia, being just south of the Equator, and more or less on the Rhumb line route.
Unfortunately we have little wind at the moment – we are barely making 3 knots! We have tried the Parasailor, but the wind changed to south east, and was in our face for a while, so we reverted to Main and genoa. Skip (me) got bored, and went to bake a cake for Igors birthday on the 21st.
New crew member Adrian  Fulcher arrived safely yesterday, and despite it being a weekend, we managed to clear out of immigration and get our passports stamped. So all our papers are in order and we can  officially leave.
Since we are sailing so slowly, we put out the fishing line having seen some Tuna jumping out of the water nearby.


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