Go Brazilian for Christmas!

A new recipe for Svalen´s cookbook from Igor Wicken, our resident Bahian expert!

Moqueca (Bahian Fish Stew)

Cooked by John and Igor (the source cook!) on Svalen, Thursday 13 December.



Fillets (or bone in if preferred) fish (local) as required

2 LargeTomatoes

1 Green Pepper

2 large Onions

4 Garlic cloves

Stale bread

Olive Oil

Dende Oil

Coconut milk

Bunch Coriander

Spring Onions (Cebolita)

Dried Chillies

Salt and pepper



Chop 1 onion and Garlic, and fry in olive oil until soft. Then add the fish, and fry on both sides lightly. Remove fish, and set aside. Turn off heat. Put a layer of the dry bread in the pan, followed by the fish, then the sliced tomatoes, green pepper and second onion. Dribble about 2 tablespoons of Dende oil, and add the spices and chopped coriander.  Add the coconut milk and return to the heat, stewing for a while with the lid on.


Note this is normally cooked in a clay panella de barro (clay pot).

Note. Dende oil is oil from a special Bahian palm.


Serve with rice (garlic rice), and farofa (manioc flour cooked in butter with onions, which is delicious and very good for sopping up all that nice liquid).




One thought on “Go Brazilian for Christmas!

  1. John

    Glad to hear you made it across the Atlantic. Sounds like a pretty fast crossing. I’m so pleased you have arrived safe and well. I take it there were three of you on the crossing.

    All the best



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