Life on board Svalen

8 March 2019


We created a couple of videos that hopefully are entertaining and gives some insights of what life is like onboard Svalen.  It was tougher  to sail with the same waves during the night. During daylight you at least see the waves.  WARNING: You may get sea sick from watching the videos!

Summary of trip between Salvador and Cabadero

Cooking on svalen

Greetings from,
captain John and crew member Jan (Sweden)

4 thoughts on “Life on board Svalen

  1. Well done! Yes, flying fish are tasty and bony. Have you seen any manta rays? Hope that you are managing to sleep enough. Good winds. Love Alasdair and Philomena


  2. Thanks for the videos. Thenlifebonboard Svalen differs from muy latest sea sailing experience: the ferryboat fromq Odden to Aarhus!

    Keep safe.

    Yours aye Hanne Peter


  3. Sorry. Will have to rewrite that!
    I meant to say that life on board Svalen differs from our latest sea sailing experience: 75 minutes on the ferryboat from Odden to Aarhus!


  4. Sorry to come back. Just read your cook-book. Honoured to be quoted among outstanding chefs. However, For the dry martini: you can mix it on ice, don’t crush it, use the cubes, and poor the drink into cold glasses as quickly as possible, if not you dillute the drink by melted ice. Ratio gin/vermouth depends on how you want to finish the evening. A medium could be 3 gin/1 vemouth. I have had it 6:1 or 1:0! Vermouth must be dry. I often use the French Dolin or Noilly Prat; the Martini vermouth is not suited – too perfumed. Don’t forget a little lemon peel – only the yellow.


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