Hello to French Guyana

We had another great 24 hours sailing, and are now on the approach to the marked channel into the Mahuri river near Cayenne, the main town in French Guyana. We will clear into the EU/EEA here before proceeding to the island and then the Kouru river where we will try to tie up at the pontoon belonging to the Space rocket launcher for Ariandne rockets.
Just a couple of hours over 6 days to sail 1000 miles, which is not bad. I will report on average speeds etc once we are settled.
The fridge/Freezer needs attention again here, as does the electrical system, We have had a few problems starting the generator. Luckily we have a couple of weeks..
Skipper, 18 March

4 thoughts on “Hello to French Guyana

  1. I trust that you, as a good British sailor, will cherish the return to the EU area. All the best. Peter + from Hanne


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