1100 nm from Kourou

Sunrise 20 North

Sunrise, 20 degrees North

Skipper’s blog, Wed

It is now Wednesday morning one week after leaving Kourou. The weather is a bit fresher, especially at night when we have jackets and jeans etc now. The sun is still hot during the day, though, and we still have flying fish landing on deck. the wind changed a couple of times in the night, creating havoc with sails and wind steering, but we fixed it. Now we are heading north east, more directly towards Azores, which is still 1900 nm ahead.
Still, we sailed 1100 nm in the first 7 days.
Today I must bake bread!


One thought on “1100 nm from Kourou

  1. Great pictures.
    Toddy we have 17 dg. celcius. We have been in the graden cleaning orangeriet – the green house.
    Frederik i s here og Lasse + his British girlfriend from York. Tomorrow Mads arrives togethers with Jessica. Lots of food will be made for the påskefrokost 🐣
    Wish you a happy Easter.
    Anne Birgitte


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