Today Svalen came out of the water in Skive

Today, my favourite boatyard, Værftet Skive, lifted Svalen our of the water with the large crane in the main commercial harbour. Most of those concerned had been ion the Around Funen Race this weekend. Not much of a race it seems, due to lack of wind and water! She was quite dirty below the water line, as you can see from the first photo, but after three hours of pressure washing by your truly she cleaned up real good as the song goes. More hull cleaning tomorrow in store.


Here she is on the crane.



And here she is again in her trailer, and on the hard, after power washing with water.


yes she is actually blue!

Incidentally, Svalen is bout 25 Tonnes deadweight, so quite a lift for the crane, and always a nervous moment for those involved, especially when she is also full of “stuff” for the long voyage!





3 thoughts on “Today Svalen came out of the water in Skive

  1. Very good, but the text from hals to skive is lacking on the wordpress side and also the photos i sent! Kzxz

    Sendt fra min iPhone

    > 28. mai 2018 kl. 22:35 skrev Sailing with Svalen : > > >


  2. I forgot to add an amazing thing that happened yesterday while i was chatting with Lars Klok and Nils Sohn at Værftet in the shop. A swallow flew in and out of the shop. Lars thinks it is a very good omen for the long voyage ahead! Let us hope so!


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