Destination Peniche da Cima

We all loved Galicia, and had a great welcome in Muros on Wednesday 22nd August after the Biscay crossing, and then at Baiona, where we got an excellent berth at the Monte Real Club de Yates. This is one of the oldest yacht clubs in Spain, and the first to challenge the America’s Cup. The location, in the walled enclosure of the Parador do Bayona, and the facilities, are second to none. Baiona or Bayona is close to the Atlantic islands of Cies, a maritime national park.

Monte Real Club de Yates Bayona, Galicia

We sailed from Baiona in Galicia to Viana do Castello in Northern Portugal,  unfortunately in thick coastal fog! We hope it clears today for our sail towards Porto. We had a fine welcome here in Portugal.

Viana do Castelo c. Photo convention and visitors bureau

From Viano do Castelo we headed to Leixeõs, just north of Porto, on Friday, mostly in fog ! We tied up to a Danish boat, Polarix, that was itself outside another boat. We resolved that this morning before taking off by bus for Porto, where we had a long walk along the river, followed by an excellent lunch of roasted sardines and white wine for duoro! A beautiful city. The wind picked up from the North, and so on Saturday we headed for Figuera da Foz, a long sail of 62 nautical miles. We are sailing south from Figueira to Peniche da Cima today – it’s about 32 nm north of Cascais. We blew out the Parasailor yesterday in a gust, while sailing at 9kts, so back to slower sailing again! More soon..


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