Lerwick to Grutness Voe, SE Shetland


Sorry friends, this one seems to have remained a draft, and it is now seriously out of place!


The boats in the Bergen-Shetland race – they were starting back to Bergen this afternoon at 4pm. But we left for Grutness before them, and had a quiet sail down to this wonderful harbour, with birds, seals, and nobody else (except for a friend of Michael´s who had also been the Chief Jarl for Up Helly Å). This is our jumping off point for Fair Isle. It was a great afternoon to walk over to Jarlshof archeological site, where multiple layers of ages are there to see, more or less on top of one another. Iron Age, Bronze Age, viking age, feudal age, all represented here in excavated houses, foundry’s, wheel towers, brochs etc. And all presented very well indeed. This is one of the many jewels in Shetlands, and indeed Scotland´s, crown.


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