Went for a walk around Cascais this morning and found some stuff

Those of you who know about the Black Magic author, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) will know that he was mostly infamous. I knew that he had a house (Boleskin) on Loch Ness, much later (1970s) bought by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame, and that The Song Remains the Same visuals were filmed there. Well, Crowley appears on a plaque at Boco da Inferno, Cascais, where it seems that he staged a fake suicide of his latest “scarlet woman” companion. Well, there is a lot to this story that I do not know, and probably do not wish to!

  1. Plaque commemorating Crowley´s visit to Lisbon, Sintra and Estoril in 1930, for about 20 days.
  2. The cave, which in storms produces the “inferno” of its name.
  3. Fishermen catching sardines off the Boca do Inferno.

So we have a link between Inverness, and Cascais!

There are some other nice views that I recorded this morning.

First is a view of the Fort from seaward, and next the bronze to the International Sailing Federation. Third, a nice house at the entrance to the Marina with the tiling on the second floor fashioned ínto sailing boats.

The lighthouse (Farol) is a notable landmark for sailors and has a museum – Farol Museo de Santa Marta. Here are a couple of contrasting views of it.



I had a swim to cool off just on front of the lighthouse, on the way back.

The final photo in this piece is a view of the coast west of Cascais where there is a nice new cycling track, and also to the west of the Boca do Inferno cave.


You can also see the excellent weather we are having!


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