Saturday night blog

Skipper’s brief blog – Saturday night (4/5May):
Am now on 0200-0600 watch. Its very dark! No moon. And not much wind at the moment, so only sailing at 3,2 kts. We expected that though. It will get windy again later today until about Wednesday. We hope to get to the Azores by 9th May: Karen arrives on 10th. The weather router says 8th or 9th. We need good winds, with about 500nm to go. Supplies ok but meals more of a challenge every day. Our last fresh fruit has gone – vitamin pills from today.  Changing time zones slowly – now at UT-1
We had lentils and duck cassoulet from a tin for supper last night. I also got two loaves of bread and two boller for sunday breakfast baked!
We had about 10 dolphins of all ages playing around the boat yesterday pm, and hope to see whales in Azores.

Dolphins, en route to Azores

2 thoughts on “Saturday night blog

  1. Hi John

    Hope you are well. Perhaps you are about to arrive in the Azores? Fraser and I have a meeting in Oban on Friday 10th. The last time we were there was joining you and Svalen. Looking forward to sailing with you again!

    All the best



  2. Hi Stu, we finally reached Horta in the Azores at 0330 am on Saturday morning. We entered in a small storm, under sail, as the engine would not start due to bad fuel and contamination of the filters etc too much for me to clear at sea. The harbour master sent a boat to help us in the the pier when we arrived at the harbour wall. But no damage, and crew all well. Karen was there on the pier to meet and greet us. <we will leave Azores again on 8 June, having some repairs to do here, including lift out to remove barnacles and antifoul the hull. I am hope you and another (Frazer?) A Black?) will come to sail with me to Oban or Corpach from Dublin, stopping as ever in Gigha!. Will keep you updated on dates for that, but still hope to be in Dublin around 23 or 24 June.
    Look forward to sailing with you again. Greetings to all, John


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