Azores – almost!

Skippers Blog, Friday 10 May 02.44AM

It’s a clear and calm night. We are 118 miles from Horta in the Azores. The new moon made a welcome appearance, casting a carpet of light towards us as we sail. But it has now gone to bed again. We expect wind from the south by morning, and it will probably be after midnight today (ie Saturday early morning) before we get into harbour.
Karen arrives tomorrow for a ten day visit, which is super. But Jan will return to Stockholm in a few days, and I will miss his cheerful company, and his ‘let’s get it fixed’ approach to any technical problem !

Update Friday 10.30AM:

We are now 80 nm SW of Horta in Faial and expect to arrive this evening or tonight. As soon as we can, in fact, because a gale is coming this evening!
The wind came back this morning, and we have been sailing since 0300UT, up to 6.3 knots. It is drizzling – feels like a West of Scotland summer day – a bit damp and cold!
By the time we get in we will have sailed over 4,000 nm what with the curved route, tacking etc. It has taken over a month, and no land or shops. Now we need red meat and red wine!

One thought on “Azores – almost!

  1. John

    Well done to you and your shipmate! I hope you have a had a nice bottle of red or two!

    All the best



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